32 Years Already? Well, Here’s to the Next 32!

It’s tournament season again and I for one am very excited for this year’s tournament. I’m starting to hear from some of our long-time anglers and honestly it feels good to be getting back into the mix of things. Don’t get me wrong, there’s been plenty of work going on from the day after last year’s tourney up until now, there’s been permits and town hearings and lining up sponsors and countless other things behind the scenes, but now is when it all starts to come together, and for me this is my favorite time leading up to the big day.  Today marks the official opening of the 32nd Annual Raleigh Saltwater Sport Fishing Club King Mackerel Tournament.

As I enter my 2nd year as Tournament Director, it’s pretty humbling to think about the long, storied history this tournament holds. From the humble early beginnings,  through the heyday of of the sport when there would be a couple hundred boats running for the inlet, this event has seen pretty much all there is to see. Having said that, I’m excited to see what the future holds. Not just for this tournament, but for the sport in general.

With fuel prices down we’re expecting to see a really good turnout this year. With that turnout, what I’m really hoping is to see a lot of new participants. Unlike the big billfish tournament, King Mackerel tournaments really do offer a great opportunity for anglers of all levels and boats of all shapes and sizes to have an honest shot at taking home the prize. I know that NBOA and SKA are working really hard to bring new faces to the sport and we certainly want to do our part as well, and at the same time we want to keep it interesting for those seasoned teams that have been there and done that. That’s why we try to keep our base entry fees relatively low, while still giving the “big guns” an opportunity to rack up the winnings with things like the High Stakes Winner Takes All and High Roller TWT’s.

So that brings me to ask the question. What kinds of things would you like to see in a KMT? If you’ve never fished an SKA event before, I’d love to have your thoughts on what would excite you and entice you to join our sport? Conversely, if you’ve been doing this for decades, how do you see the future and what would get you excited about it all over again?

Let me know your thoughts. I’d really like to hear from all of you. You can reach me anytime at [email protected] or reach out on Facebook or Twitter (@RaleighKMT). So what say you? Let’s take this thing to the next level, together.

Jason Fant
RSWSC Director of Tournaments