Get Ready for the Big Bucks…. We’ve Added Some Great New TWT’s

You Wanted More…

You asked for it, and we listened. At this years tournament, we’ll be offering 3 TWT’s to help you multiply your winnings. The TWT categories will be:

Heaviest Fish (King Mackerel)

This TWT offers anglers a change to up the ante by weighing in the heaviest King Mackerel of the all the TWT participants. The buy-in for this TWT is $100. This TWT will pay 3 places and the payout is 90% of the pool.

Single Engine

This TWT offers those anglers with smaller, single engine boats an opportunity to compete with each other on a level playing field within the tournament. Heaviest single King Mackerel wins. This TWT is limited to teams fishing from a craft with a single engine (either outboard, inboard or I/O) and the buy-in is $100. This TWT will pay 3 places and payout is 90% of the pool.

High Roller

If you like high stakes, this one is for you. $250 buy-in… single heaviest King Mackerel… winner takes all. The high roller TWT will pay first place and payout is 90% of the pool.

But Wait, There’s More…

While these TWT’s have been finalized, we’re considering adding more, so be sure to follow us on twitter or sign up for our email list to hear about them as they are announced.