New Changes for Junior Anglers for the 2015 KMT

I think we all agree that getting kids excited about tournament fishing is a good thing. Since it’s inception, the RSWSC King Mackerel Tournament has been trying to get kids involved and make sure they have a blast when fishing our tournament. One of the ways we do that is our Junior Angler’s awards. For the last several years we’ve been doing the Junior Angler award differently than most tournaments. To make sure all the kids had a shot at winning, all the kids that weighed a fish and were present at the awards ceremony were entered in a drawing, and 3 names were picked to receive the award.

While the intentions for this method were noble, it meant that the kid with the biggest fish didn’t necessarily get the prize. Because of this, we’re changing our Junior Angler contest for 2015.

So What’s Changed ?

This year, the Junior Angler awards are going to be based on the largest fish weighed in by each junior. The contest will pay 3 places with a 50/30/20 split and will pay out 100% of the purse with no hold back. The junior angler purse will be entirely funded by sponsor contributions and the total purse will be announced at the captain’s meeting on July 24th. Also, just like every other angler, they will no longer be required to be at the awards ceremony to get their prize (but we hope they will be).

Why Change it Now?

Last year we had a junior angler that would have earned the 2nd spot with her catch but she ended up without an award at all. We made sure she got her SKA points, but she was understandably disappointed. She worked hard to land that fish. It was hard to swallow honestly and it was this situation that caused us to re-examine how we handle Junior Anglers.

We hope that these changes help get your kids excited about the tournament and motivate them to work hard to earn their spot on the leader board. Like I mentioned at the start, the goal here is to get kids hooked on the sport (pun intended). We think this new format will do just that while being fair to all involved.

Let us know what you think. We’re always interested in your feedback. Until next time… I wish you fair winds and following seas.