Perennial Contenders Episode 1 – Liquid Fire Fishing Team

Leading up to this year’s KMT, we’d like to recognize some of the SKA Teams that have been fishing our tournament year in and year out. These teams are part of what’s help make our tournament successful for the last 31 years and we’re grateful to have them!

In the first article of this series, we’re featuring the Liquid Fire Fishing Team. Based out of North Carolina, team Liquid Fire is a powerhouse on the SKA Pro Circuit, fishing everywhere the Southern Kingfish Association holds tournaments.

The RSWSC King Mackerel Tournament has always been a family friendly tournament and Liquid Fire not only embodies that principle, but takes it to the extreme. Team Liquid Fire is really a true family affair.  Capt. Mark Henderson is at the helm with his sons Joshua and Crockett in the water while Mark’s wife Audrey helps keep the team running like a fine tuned machine from the hard.

team liquid fire getting it doneLiquid Fire is sponsored by Intrepid Powerboats (among many other sponsors) and sports a drop dead gorgeous Intrepid 375 CTE  CC Open which was custom built for them in 2013 and is powered by 3 Yamaha V-8 350’s which cruises at around 42MPH with a top end around 70MPH.

Team Liquid Fire made it’s professional debut in 2008 and was the Division 1 Champion in 2012 in addition to being in the money in King Mackerel Tournaments all over from North Carolina all the way to the Gulf Coast including 5th in the 2013 Nationals and 7th in the 2014 Pro Invitational. Capt Mark mentions on his website that he got his start in King Mack Tournament fishing on a buddy’s boat in the Raleigh Saltwater Sport Fishing Club’s 2004 King Mackerel Tournament.  With such an illustrious resume, we couldn’t be prouder of the small part we played in lighting the spark for this team.

If you’d like to learn more about team Liquid Fire and the Henderson Family, check out their website at, their Facebook at or follow them on Twitter at @liquidfire or Instagram @liquidfirefishing.

The Raleigh Saltwater Sport Fishing Club thanks the Henderson Family for all these years of support and participation. We can’t wait to see you in Morehead City this year!!!