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Once again we’re offering online registration to help make check-in on tournament day as quick and painless as possible. Its easy! You simply…

  1. Complete the registration forms below
  2. Receive your registration invoice
  3. Bring your registration invoice to check-in

And that’s it; You’re all set. When you bring your invoice to check-in, if you haven’t already paid online, you’ll need to pay your entry fees, but other than that you’ll simply be issued your boat number and captain’s bag, and you’re good to go until the captain’s meeting.

Pay Now or Pay Later… You Choose!

Do I Have to Register Online?
Of course you can still register with paper forms if you prefer, but we think you’ll really like the benefits on doing it online. However, if you really want to use paper, you can get a form at tournament HQ on the 29th, or you download the manual form by clicking the download button to the right so you can print it it home and have it ready when you get to the check-in.

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